If you contact a plumber and ask to have a toilet installed, they will usually respond by presenting you with a few different options. These days, a lot of plumbers are recommending that homeowners install dual-flush toilets. These toilets have two flushing options, one of which uses more water, and another that uses less. So, should you heed your plumber's advice and have a dual-flush toilet installed? Consider these pros and cons, and then decide.

Pro: You'll use less water overall.

Most people use the small-volume flush when they urinate, which is most of the time that they use the toilet. They only use the large-volume flush when they go number two, which is less often. As such, a dual-flush toilet will encourage you to use less water over time. This will help keep your water bill down and is good for the planet, too.

Con: Dual-flush toilets cost more.

Single-flush toilets can cost significantly less than dual-flush toilets. To some degree, this is just because there are more single-flush toilets to choose from and more companies make them. But at the end of the day, if your budget is really small, a dual-flush toilet may not be your best choice.

Pro: Dual-flush toilets are less likely to clog.

The high-volume flush on a dual-flush toilet is usually quite powerful. So, when you are flushing a significant amount of waste and toilet paper, you can be more confident it will actually go down. You'll likely appreciate not having to plunge your toilet as often. Guests will enjoy not having to worry about clogs, too.

Con: Some guests may be confused by the toilet.

If you have guests who have never seen a dual-flush toilet, they might not know what to do or what button to push. You risk them using the small-volume flush for number two, which could leave residue in the toilet.

Pro: You might qualify for a tax credit.

Since dual-flush toilets are designed to conserve water, buying one might qualify you for a tax credit. This depends on where you live. Talk to a tax professional in your area to find out how much you could actually qualify to get back if you buy a water-conserving toilet.

If you are having a new toilet installed, a dual-flush model can, indeed, be a good choice. Just keep in mind that these toilets do cost a bit more and might confuse some of your guests. 

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