Do you have strange flies with fuzzy bodies and round wings in your basement? Chances are, these bugs are sewer flies. It's not unusual to see them in basements, but their presence does mean that there is sewage in the area. Since sewage in the basement is a bad sign, you'll want to call a plumber or sewer care company when you see sewer flies in the basement. Here are some of the problems they may identify and how they can address them.

Cracked Sewer Lines

It's not uncommon for older sewer lines in homes to crack. A small amount of sewage may leak out through the crack. This may not be enough to release too strong of a foul odor, but enough to attract sewer flies, nonetheless. A sewer contractor can usually identify cracks in sewer lines by putting a tracing dye down the drain. If this dye seeps out in a specific area, the contractor will know there is a crack there. 

A contractor will usually replace the part of the line that has cracked. In some cases, they may instead sleeve the line. This means sending a vinyl sleeve down the pipe. The sleeve clings to the inside walls of the pipe and prevents additional sewage from seeping out through those cracks.

Blocked Sewer Lines

A blockage in the main sewer line can also lead to the appearance of sewer flies. When there is a blockage, some of the sewage may back up and overflow onto the floor or near your basement walls. 

A sewer repair contractor can usually identify and locate a sewer line blockage with a camera. If they see material in the sewer line, they will use either an auger or a hydro jet to clear out the material. A hydro jet shoots a powerful stream of water and can clear out roots, grease, and other tough blockages. An auger tends to be better at grabbing large items that are clogging sewer lines. For instance, if your child flushed a toy down the toilet and it is clogging the sewer line, a contractor can send an auger down the line, grab onto that object, and pull it out.

If you've noticed sewer flies in your basement, you probably have either a blocked sewer line or a crack in your sewer line. Don't ignore this problem. Call a sewer repair contractor or plumber, and have them come diagnose and treat the issue.