Plumbing leaks and clogs can take you by surprise, and it seems like plumbing problems happen at the worst times. You might fix minor problems yourself, even if your repair is just temporary. Other times, you should call a plumber right away. Here are signs you might have a plumbing problem that needs professional help.

When You See A Lush Patch Of Grass In Your Yard

If most of your yard is struggling to survive in the summer heat, but you have one area where the grass is green and healthy, the lush spot is probably getting water from somewhere.

It could be from a leaking drain or water pipe. If it's from a water pipe, the leak could be driving up your water bill. If it's from a drain, there could be toxic sewer water in the grass. Call a plumber to find out where the water is coming from and to repair the leaky drain or water line.

If The Water Pressure Drops

If your water pressure suddenly drops in both cold and hot water, you may want to call your water company and ask if they're doing something to cause the problem. If not, call a plumbing contractor to check your water lines and the pressure-reducing valve. Low pressure could be a sign of a burst pipe or a bad valve.

If only the hot water has low pressure, the problem could be with the water heater. It might be full of sediment and need to be drained.

If Your Water Has Sediment, Color, Or Odor

If your water has picked up a rusty color, has sediment or rust in it, or has a bad odor, the problem might be in your water heater. The heater might be rusty or have too much sediment in it. A bad odor could be from bacteria growing in the water. Sediment in cold water might be coming from pipes that are corroded.

A plumber might need to put in new pipes if yours are bad or getting corroded. You might also need a new water heater if it's rusty since a water tank is replaced instead of being repaired when it's rusty or leaky.

When Your House Has Mold Or Musty Odors

Musty odors and mold are signs of a water leak. The leak might be from your roof when it rains or from a water pipe. If the pipe is hidden under a slab or behind a wall, you might not see any water. That makes a leak hard to verify and find.

A plumber can do a leak test on your water meter to see if you have a leak. If so, they can use detection equipment to find it. The plumber might need to replace a pipe or patch it to stop the leak.