Improving your home's heating system is one option for making this space more comfortable while minimizing energy costs. To maximize your furnace's performance, it needs proper airflow. During this process, there are several ventilation upgrades that you can make.

Upgrade the Flue

Combustion furnaces require a flue to dispel the fumes created by burning oil or natural gas. The flue may have to be upgraded if you are upgrading to a furnace with a much higher capacity. This upgrade allows the fumes to travel from the furnace to the vent. If the flue is not appropriate for your furnace, it could lead to the fumes starting to accumulate in the house. When choosing a new home furnace, an HVAC technician can help you determine whether a higher-capacity flue needs to be installed. When this change is required, the costs may be relatively low, but it can involve enlarging the hole in your wall the flue passes through.

Avoid Crowding The Furnace

Placing items too close to the furnace is a common mistake that restricts the air flowing into the unit. This is especially problematic if these items block the vents of the furnace. Restricting the airflow into the furnace can reduce its performance by depriving the burner of the air it needs. Additionally, airflow is required to prevent the furnace from overheating. If a furnace overheats, components could crack or suffer other damage. Depending on the extent of the damage, replacing the furnace might be required. Ensuring the furnace has at least a couple of feet of space on all sides can prevent these airflow problems.

Reduce Dust Near The Furnace

Dust gathering inside the furnace is a common source of severe performance problems. The dust can clog the burner, impair the airflow through the system and even jam mechanical systems. Often, furnaces are placed in areas prone to getting dusty. If this is the case, regularly cleaning this space and installing an air purifier can significantly reduce the problems dust can pose.

Add A Fresh Air Intake Duct To Your System

Installing a fresh air intake duct can provide your furnace with a steady supply of fresh air. These ducts are essential for homes with poor air quality. A professional HVAC technician can complete an assessment if you are unsure whether a fresh air intake duct would benefit your system. This can help you understand the specific benefits the air intake may provide your furnace and the most promising location for installing it.

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