Your bathroom and kitchen must have a constant water supply to function well. That's why most people are infuriated when there is low water pressure or other plumbing issues. Luckily, you can prevent these issues by getting a bathroom pipe replacement on time. Here is when to get a bathroom pipe system replacement done. 

Low Water Pressure

Dealing with low water pressure at home can be infuriating. It's hard to get any cleaning done when the water pressure decreases. Besides, it takes more time to take showers when the water pressure is low. But before you ask the plumber to replace the pipes, find out what's causing the pressure to reduce. It could be a problem with the water heater, a leaky pipe, or aging pipes. 


It's obvious that your plumbing system has an issue if you spot leaks. It might take time for you to notice the leaks, but you should always inspect your bathroom walls, floors, and ceiling often. Don't ignore any wet spots because they could indicate that the pipes are leaking. You should also check for areas with mold and mildew.

Old Age

Your bathroom's plumbing can last for decades, but old age will eventually catch up. Therefore, you must be ready to replace your bathroom pipes after 20+ years. You see, the problem with aging pipes is they have a lot of issues. They clog pretty fast due to sediment buildup. Also, expect leaks in the plumbing joints. Replacing the pipes after they hit 20 years will prevent problems.

Frequent Clogs

The drains in your bathroom do a lot of work. As such, you can expect them to develop some problems from time to time. The pipes might clog frequently or drain water more slowly. And while you can solve the clogs using a drain snake or flushing hot water, you might finally have to replace the drain pipes if the clogs keep recurring.

High Water Bills

Rising water bills are another sign you shouldn't ignore. Your water bills shouldn't change much unless your water usage has increased. However, if you can't explain the increase, there is a likelihood the water is leaking. In that case, you should call the plumber to investigate where the leak is coming from and replace the affected pipe.

Discolored Water

Have you noticed that the water coming from your faucets has changed color? Well, that's a clear sign your pipes have a problem. The water changes color due to rust and corrosion in the pipes. Alternatively, there might be some growth in your pipe. Having the pipes changed should solve the problem.

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