It is important for homeowners to understand the signs of plumbing leaks. A small leak can lead to serious problems that can negatively affect health and cause property damage. Plumbers can perform a service referred to as leak detection to determine where leaks are located. This service is useful because it identifies all leaks within a home. Individuals might assume they only have one minor leak, but the detection service may discover more leaks. If property owners suspect a leak, they should promptly request emergency plumbing services. The following points highlight a few signs of an existing leak.

Water Stains

Brownish-colored stains on ceilings, walls, and flooring are likely signs of leaks. They may initially appear as light spots that spread and eventually turn brownish. They will get darker due to them drying out. However, the leaks will still exist and require plumbing services to prevent more damage.

Cracked Foundation

Hairline cracks are a common sign of plumbing leaks. Homeowners may mistakenly assume that the cracks are due to their home settling or due to the natural shifting of the soil. Cracks that are related to plumbing leaks may widen in a short period of time. If the water leaks contain hot water, individuals may notice warm spots on their flooring materials.

Unexplained Illnesses

Some individuals in a household might develop illnesses from mold or mildew. The issue(s) might be viewed as mysterious, and doctors may be unable to determine what is causing them. The toxic substances may cause health issues such as respiratory illnesses, anxiety, abdominal pain, hair loss, fatigue, skin rashes, or headaches. If there are signs of mold on surfaces, it is a good idea to get homes inspected for mold/mildew behind surfaces such as flooring, walls, and ceilings. These substances spread rapidly and thrive in areas where moisture is abundant. 

Unexplained Increase in Water Usage

It is possible for water usage to fluctuate during certain times. Homeowners may have situations such as visiting guests that cause a spike in their water usage. It isn't wise to solely go by the cost of water bills. The fluctuations in cost could be related to higher utility costs. If the water usage indicates a spike in the gallons used and the everyday water needs of the household have not changed, it is indicative that a leak exists.

A plumber is a good resource to use for suspected leaks. They can also find evidence of leaks that have been repaired, which is a good service for individuals who are planning to purchase a home and need to know the condition of the plumbing system.