If your home only has one toilet, you'll probably consider it a plumbing emergency if something goes wrong with it and the toilet is out of service. If you can't get the clog moving or the apparatus in the tank to work properly, call an emergency plumbing company for help. You can't go for very long without a functioning toilet, and continuing to use it could cause the toilet to back up or the tank to start leaking.

Here are some tips for dealing with an emergency plumbing situation with your toilet. 

Turn Off The Water To Your Toilet

You can turn the knob on the hose behind the toilet to shut the water off. If someone in your family forgets and uses the toilet, you at least won't have to worry about it overflowing if the water is turned off. You might still be able to flush the toilet by pouring a much smaller amount of water into the bowl, but it's best for your family to leave the toilet alone until a plumber can identify and fix the problem.

Plunge to Break Up A Clog

Before you call an emergency plumber, try to break up the clog yourself if a clog is the problem. You sometimes have to plunge longer and harder than you think to get a stubborn clog broken up. However, be sure to use good technique so you make progress when plunging. Make sure the plunger is covered in water and use the right type of plunger. A plunger made for a sink may not be as effective.

If you don't have any luck with a plunger, call an emergency plumbing service. The plumber might need to use a hydro jet on the drain to clean the drain and move the clog through.

Check The Parts In the Tank

If the problem with your toilet is a leaky tank or issues with water filling, take the tank lid off and check the parts down in the tank. The problem might be a twisted chain that's keeping the flapper from sealing. The chain might have fallen from the flush lever. The floating bulb might need to be adjusted.

You might try adjusting the bulb, pressing the flapper down, tightening the nut on the bottom of the tank, and making other adjustments to see if you find the problem and fix it. However, once you start messing with the parts, you might just make the situation worse if you aren't familiar with how the parts work.

A plumber can track down the problem and fix it. This might involve replacing all the parts in the tank. The parts come in a kit that contains everything needed so if a rubber part is cracked and leaking and there are other small multiple problems, they can all be repaired at once.