If you have a sewer line leak, you might be comparing options for repairs. The two choices are lining the pipe and digging the pipe up to replace it. When you look around your yard and imagine all the destruction it would cause to dig up a sewer pipe, you'll see why trenchless repairs with a cured-in-place pipe liner are so popular. Here's more information about cured-in-place pipe lining installation services

Pipe Lining Eliminates The Need To Dig

Depending on the way your plumbing is installed, the contractor might be able to line your pipe without having to dig any holes. If possible, they work through the cleanout or other access openings to your sewer. If you don't have an access portal, the plumber may need to dig one or two holes, but that's much less than having to dig a long trench to remove the bad pipe.

The Liner Can Be Pulled Or Blown Into The Pipe

The goal of a cured-in-place pipe lining installation service is to place a liner inside the bad pipe that hardens, or cures, into another hard pipe. The liner then seals the damage in the old pipe and takes over the function of moving water and sewage to the municipal sewer system.

This is possible to do because the liner cures in place to create a new pipe on the spot. The liner is coated in adhesive and then inflated inside the pipe. When inflated, it sticks to the insides of the pipe so it's held open. Then the liner hardens and turns into a durable pipe.

A Liner Is A Good Solution For Tree Root Problems

If you've had ongoing problems with tree roots, you will enjoy the fact that a liner doesn't have any seams. Its length is cut to the exact length needed to line your bad pipe. There are no joints where two pipes are seamed together, so there are no areas for tree roots to work on to get inside the new liner pipe. This means a cured-in-place pipe liner could be the end of your tree root problems and frequent pipe clogging.

Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining Is A Permanent Repair

A cured-in-place liner should last for decades, so you won't have to worry about replacing your plumbing for many years to come. A long life combined with an easy installation makes a liner a good choice when your sewer line is leaking and in need of an effective repair. You may even find that cured-in-place pipe lining installation services cost less than digging up the old pipe to replace it and then restoring your yard.