If your home's drains are blocked, or wastewater sits in the sink for too long, you should contact a drain cleaning service. Cleaning the drains by yourself might cause more complications because you don't know how to handle the task. Besides, you might not have the right equipment for the job. Drain cleaning experts have the skills and updated equipment, so they will complete the work efficiently, no matter how severe the clogs might be. 

But, how do you confirm that a company can provide quality service? Asking the right questions will help. Here are some questions you may ask before allowing a new plumbing pro to clean your drain.

What Does the Service Entail?

Before drain cleaning experts start their work, it's crucial to confirm the kind of service they will offer. Will they be simply unclogging the drain, or will they do more? This plumbing service goes beyond removing one clog to drain water in your kitchen sink, bathroom, or other drains. It is an intensive form of drain cleaning that may involve techniques like hydro jetting to remove clogs in all drain lines.

The first thing the plumbing experts will do is conduct a thorough inspection to determine the condition of the drains. They will look out for deposits in the pipes, clogs, roots, and other issues. The results will determine the best drain cleaning method to use.

What If Your Drains Need More Work Than Cleaning?

If the drain cleaning experts notice another issue, like roof infiltration, thin pipe walls (caused by corrosion), or worn pipes, you will need more than the standard drain cleaning service. When the drain pipes are compromised or too old, the experts will recommend that you replace them or perform the necessary repairs. 

A new cost estimate will be provided before they move forward with the additional work. The good news is that once the repair and drain cleaning job are complete, the functionality of the drain system will be fully restored.

Do You Handle the Clean-Up Work?

Another vital question you shouldn't forget to ask your drain cleaning pros is if they include clean-up work on their service packages. This way, you will not worry about taking care of the mess yourself or paying someone else extra money to clean up. Ideally, drain cleaning companies handle all the mess and ensure that it's disposed of efficiently to prevent contamination. So, if the company you'd like to work with cleans up afterward, that's even better.

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