DIY helps to cut repair costs significantly. However, that is not the case with most plumbing issues. A simple mistake when repairing your drainage system can leave you in a worse situation. 

For example, using some drain cleaners, over-tightening the loose parts, improper installation, or using the wrong tools can cause significant damage. Eventually, you will need the assistance of a plumber, but you'll pay more for their services due to the extensive damage. To avoid such situations, hire an emergency residential plumber when you observe the following issues. 

There is a Gas Smell inside the House

You urgently require professional plumbing services if you smell gas inside your house. A pungent odor is not only uncomfortable to the nose but can also lead to health complications. Besides, leaking gas is hazardous as it can easily cause an explosion if you light a match stick or due to a spark in the bulb. 

Therefore, when you notice a gas leak, close all the switches and appliances in your house immediately. Then, hire an emergency plumber to locate and fix the leak in the gas line. 

There is a Sewage Odor in Your House

A sewerage odor is an emergency plumbing problem requiring the immediate attention of a plumber. For example, the smell could be coming from a broken sewer pipe or vent. In that case, you shouldn't use the water from your taps for domestic chores before a plumbing expert gives you the go-ahead. 

Remember that you and your family can develop serious health complications if you take contaminated water. Besides, the leaking sewage can damage the building's foundation, compromising its integrity. That is why you should never ignore this problem.

There Are Frozen Pipes 

Frozen pipes can crack or burst, leading to unexpected repair costs. Therefore, you should call your plumber if your pipes suddenly stop producing running water on a snowy day. Also, if the pipes begin producing clanking noises, get professional residential plumbing services immediately.

Attempting the repairs yourself might cause more problems because you might damage other components as you try to access the frozen areas. In addition, the process can be dangerous if you don't handle it correctly. That is why you should leave the task to a trained plumbing professional.

Knowing the signs of residential plumbing problems is the best way to avoid complications in the system. So watch out for the above issues and anything else unusual and call your plumber immediately for the necessary repairs. 

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