It's no secret that weddings are expensive. One way to save on your budget is to handle some of the planning yourself, but that can involve dealing with contractors and caterers in many industries outside your comfort zone. If you're planning on an outdoor wedding facility without on-site restrooms, portable restroom rentals are a necessary, if not necessarily glamorous, part of this process.

Fortunately, understanding what you need to provide adequate facilities for the comfort and hygiene of your guests is not usually challenging. These three tips will help ensure that your guests can focus on having a good time without worrying about where to find the nearest restroom.

1. Plan for Access

Portable restroom companies typically deliver their units by trailer or on the back of a truck. You can expect a tow vehicle to pull the restroom trailer into position for larger luxury units. In either case, you'll need to ensure that there's adequate access to the area where you want to place your restrooms and that a truck can safely drive to the appropriate location without damaging any landscaping.

Standard plastic portable toilets are easier to move short distances with hand trucks or other manual methods, but you shouldn't expect the same for trailer units. Most wedding planners prefer to keep restrooms away from photo areas, so you'll want to consider a location that's both easy to access and relatively discreet.

2. Consider the Weather

While nobody wants a rainy wedding day, weather considerations are crucial for outdoor weddings. When selecting your restroom units, you may want to avoid standard models if you expect hot or humid weather. These options can be uncomfortable when sitting in direct sunlight, and it may be challenging to find a location that offers ample shade.

Luxury restroom trailers can be handy for hot summer weddings. These units typically include built-in air conditioning to keep your guests comfortable and even give them a place to cool off for a bit.

3. Don't Neglect Capacity

Unfortunately, there's no hard and fast rule for planning toilet capacity for a wedding, and the standard guidelines for businesses may not apply. Instead, you should consult with your rental company for their advice. Since these companies provide portable toilets for many venues and events, they can help you plan for your specific capacity.

Most importantly, remember that factors beyond the number of guests can impact your need for restrooms. If you plan to serve food or have an open bar, you'll likely need more bathrooms than you would in other cases. If in doubt, it's usually better to plan for extra capacity to ensure your guests can enjoy a comfortable and hygienic time at your wedding.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for portable toilet rental services near you.