If you need heat in your home and need to install a new heating system, there are many options for you to consider. Here are three of the top heating options you should consider for your home. 


One of the most classic ways of heating a home is with a furnace. You can have your furnace set up to be powered by gas, generally the most affordable power source. You can also have your furnace set up to be fueled by propane, oil, or electricity.  

A furnace will heat air and then push it through a ductwork system in your home. The ductwork system that your furnace uses can support an air conditioning system during the summer months, improving its overall functionality. 

If you already have a furnace, switching to a newer, energy-efficient model is a smart upgrade to make. If you don't have a furnace or ductwork, it can add an expensive heating system to your home. 

A furnace can help keep your home warm no matter how cold it is outside.  


Another popular heating system option for your home is a boiler. A boiler will create hot water and then send that hot water or steam through pipes, providing heat to your home. This can allow for both whole-home heating and zone heating.  

A boiler can be expensive to install, as you have to install the boiler, pipes, and the system for distributing the heat throughout your home. However, it can be a highly efficient way to heat your home once set up, and with proper care, a boiler can last for decades.  

A boiler can keep your home warm even when it is freezing outside.  

Heat Pump 

If you are looking for a way to both heat and cool your home simultaneously, a heat pump is a smart choice to make. A heat pump uses both electricity and refrigerant to operate. It creates heat and transfers it throughout your home. It functions in many of the same ways as a gas furnace. It depends upon a ductwork system to deliver hot and cool air to your home.  

Heat pumps are great for heating and cooling. However, they work best at heating in areas where the temperature typically doesn't hit freezing that much or at all in the winter. It is a good option for homes located in more mild climates.  

Call up your plumber if you are ready for heating installation. Plumbing companies install heating systems, and they can help you choose the right heating system for your home so that you are warm and cozy and able to afford the warmth as well.