Hard water is water that contains a significant amount of certain minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, and the like. Although it is safe to consume hard water, your plumbing will take a considerable beating from the hard water running through it. The same is true for the fixtures and appliances in your home. If your home has hard water, it is important that you invest in a water softening system that can minimize the effects that hard water has on your plumbing, clothes, dishes, and appliances. Keep reading to learn a few things that you can do to eliminate hard water in your home.

Turn Down the Temperature of Your Water Heater

Hard water has the ability to reduce the lifespan of your water heater. This happens because heated hard water will result in the minerals solidifying into scale. So, if you have had hard water issues before, it is a good idea to turn down the temperature of your water heater. This is important because if excess scale builds up within the water heater, it can significantly reduce the lifespan as well as the efficiency of the appliance. By turning down the temperature, you can keep the scale from building up so quickly until you have a chance to get a professional to install a water softening system.

Squeegee the Water

After a shower, hard water will evaporate and mineral deposits will be left behind. If you don't want to look at hard water stains any longer in your bathroom, then a water softener is necessary. Until a system can be installed, however, there is something that you can do to ensure your bathroom looks nice. A rubber squeegee can be used to remove any excess water from your glass doors and surfaces where water tends to collect.

Install a Water Softening System

One of the most effective ways to eliminate hard water from your home is with the installation of a water softener system. There are negatively charged beads inside of the mineral tank of a water softener system. These beads are designed to attract positively charged magnesium and calcium ions as they move past. In short, water softening systems are designed specifically to trap magnesium and calcium ions that are located in hard water.

For more information on what you can do to protect your home from hard water, to find out if you have hard water, to have a water softening system installed, or to have your plumbing repaired from hard water damage, contact a plumbing contractor.