Plumbers are a versatile bunch of people. Not only can they unstick stubborn clogs in record time, they can also perform much needed maintenance on your sewer line, ensuring you don't have a backup in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.

But if you thought that a plumber's job was relegated to mainly pipes, think again. Below are some plumbing services that you may have not thought about — more than a few of which may come in handy for your next project.

Replace Gas Lines

Switching from electric to gas power in your home is a big decision, even if you only plan on using it to power your heating and AC unit. But still, if you do decide to install a gas line, or extend the current gas lines to other appliances, you'll need to have a plumber in your corner. They'll be responsible for digging the main trench, laying the pipes, connecting the lines, and, last but not least, obtaining necessary permits. It's illegal to install a gas line without having the proper paperwork; fortunately for you, a plumber knows just where to file them.

Install Appliances

Why would you pay extra for a plumber to install your new appliance instead of the big box retail store? Simple: expertise. As part of their regularly offered plumbing services, plumbers know how to treat and maintain just about any brand of appliance out there, so it makes sense that they would also know how to install it. If you want the job done right and done by someone who has the expertise to tackle any kind of situation, call a plumber.

Fix Foundation Leaks

Most homeowners aren't aware of the fact that their foundation has water lines running through it. While they may periodically expect a water leak in the ceiling or on the walls, spotting a pool of water suddenly forming on your carpet is a cause for both alarm and confusion. A plumber knows how best to approach that issue and can test the plumbing lines to correctly diagnose the issue.

Clean Your Water

Though they don't have access to your city's main water source (most of the time), plumbers do have the ability to clean your pipes and make your water taste as good as the day you moved in. Rather than just fixing clogs and repairing pipes, they have tools that allow them scrape the walls of the pipes, so that gunk and buildup don't find their way out of your faucet and into your cup.

For more information or if you have questions, reach out to a company like Du-West Foundation Repair.